What is 5G Technology?

What does the 5G abbreviation even stand for?

First of all, let’s explain the ‘G’, it stands for the generation of wireless technology. Wireless technology for smartphones started at 1G back in the 1980s believe it or not. Of course, it was incredibly inferior compared to today’s 4G and would never be able to cope streaming a YouTube video!

The preceding number before the ‘g’ is the version or number of the generation. The naming is somewhat basic when you know what it stands for. They could have called it something a little more exciting.

So what is 5G?

5g is the new up and coming wireless technology to put our mobile smartphone’s internet speed on super-steroids. It’s not due to hit our devices till around 2020, and of course, will end up being released as standard with smartphones. It surely is something to rave about if you’re a tech-nerd like us. Most likely, you will of already seen some type of generation of the wireless mobile technology spectrum on your current smartphone. It usually displays at the very top of your screen, either 4G or 3G.

5G, like all of its predecessors, delivers ‘data’ to your device via mobile networks. Essentially, it connects you to the internet and lets you browse, download stream etc.

Why should I be excited about 5G?

The mega-hype around 5G is the promised light-speed internet connection. It has been promised that 5G will be faster than ANY current UK home broadband speeds! Now that is a statement because generally, you can buy up to 200-300GB speeds for your personal broadband. So already, this is going to be extremely quick.

Additionally, the creators of the technologies assured that 5G will be as much as 1000 times faster than 4G. Yep, you read that right, 1000 times, with speeds up to 100 gigabits per second. Now we already thought 4G was quick, so it really in that respect, it really is an exciting technology that can’t come fast enough.

To put these speeds into perspective, take an HD video that is around 4GB in total size. With 5G this would take seconds to download rather than an hour, amazing eh?

Even big businesses are getting excited about 5G. With more and more employees working ‘on the move’ 5G will become an even greater benefit for them too. Employees will be able to download heavy documents much quicker and have lag-free Skype business conferences among many other perks.

Why is 5G being invented?

It’s currently 2018, and tech has vastly changed since 4G. With Ultra 4K Movies which are mega-sized in terms of streaming. Homes getting smarter and even the prospects of driverless cars. All of these and more, of course, require greater speeds to run better.

Especially 4K movies, streaming to your device on 4G is a tough job, making 4G shed a tear from the pain of continuous buffering. Whereas 5G will laugh about it and not even break a sweat. Delivering pixel perfect 4K content to your device without a single sniff of buffering. Kids born in today’s era will probably never know what buffering is with 5G, lucky them.

Gone will be the days of sitting watching the dreaded circular icon going round and round waiting for the next 3 seconds of a movie to load! No more night terrors of your movie buffering at the last ten minutes, oh no!!

Somewhere in the world, there is a fantastic team of technology guru’s banging their heads together to produce the next best generation of wireless internet technology, hats off to them!

How do I get 5G?

Currently, 5G is going up for sale in the UK, chunks of the new technology wireless spectrum is being auctioned off. With the major mobile-network giants throwing their money for a slice of the cake. EE, Vodaphone, O2, Three and Airspan are now competing to get a major part of the 5G network to offer to their beloved customers.

So that being said, if you’re currently connected with either of these internet giants, the technology will be pushed to you when they get it. The only other thing you will require is a 5G ready device.

It goes without saying that all the major smartphones will have this by the time it is released to customers. Apple, Google & Samsung will most likely be the first to have the first 5G ready devices in hand when required.

How does it compare?

Here is a great infographic to see how the predecessors of 5G performed over the history of wireless technology. I mean, looking at this infographic, I can’t say I ever experienced 1G and 2G, and I’m pretty glad I never, 3G was slow enough,


Looking through the facts of 5G makes me wonder, how much faster can it get? Will it literally be light speed? The click of a link to download anything in an instant, just imagine that for a second, I’m getting excited.

If you love fast, then you will love 5G, the more we move into the future, the more we expect faster. Whether it’s an Xbox games console rendering extreme graphics, a PC opening Photoshop, download speeds or streaming videos online. Everything needs to be faster, and soon it will be with the internet via smart devices. We just can’t wait! Can you?


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What is 5G Technology?

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