Interesting VSCode Extensions For April 2019

In this edition of the VS Code extension roundup, you will find some eye-catching themes as well as a new time-saving tool for front-end development.

Background Phi Colors

If you’d rather your Visual Studio Code IDE be much more eccentric, then this extension is for you. Background Phi lights up your IDE with a range of colors for different meanings. One of which is indenting, we all indent our code and this little extension makes all that empty space look great.

Besides, if you hover click a particular line of code, the extension will highlight other relevant code, even including the comments in its search! The extension has many other features of background coloring too, well worth a look at.

background phi colors extension

Universe Theme

Well, it’s been a while since a decent dark theme caught my eye, and that time is now up. Universe theme is incredibly beautiful, with elegantly contrasting colors with the theme of space in mind. With purples, pastel pinks and luscious greens tantalizing your codespace, it’s a delight to have installed.

The universe doesn’t yet support all languages but, has a good range, for now, these include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, MarkDown and a handful of others.

universe theme screenshot

Toggle Case

Toggle case is exactly what it says on the tin, this extension gives you the immediate means to toggle a full code files case. For example, you can toggle on Camel, Kebab (My favorite name), Pascal, Snake and many more. By starting the command bar, you can navigate down to the case you want to convert variable names too. Then, after executing, your full code will be updated, see the GIF below, credit of the marketplace entry.

It’s actually a really handy tool if you’ve just got your hands on someones old project and the case used is giving you anxiety!

toggle-case example
Credit RyanLaws

Pretty Formatter

Yet another code-beautifier; Pretty Formatter. With a wide range of supported languages, this extension can be configured to your absolutely liking. There is a complete handle on changing the rules of how it works, bringing a touch of your style to every formatting execution.

pretty formatter example

Summer Time Theme

Well, the UK summer is nearly upon us, so I thought this theme should have its place today! A colored beautiful palette that represents an ice-cream but still being backed up by a dark background, what’s not to love?

summer time theme


This little extension can actually rid quite an annoying task for front end web developers when I come to think of it. Usually, when developing HTML, you need to make sure you define all your classes in your CSS file. With VS HTML to CSS, this job is very nearly automated. By highlighting your entire HTML code and running the HTML to CSS function, all of the classes will be added to your clipboard ready for pasting. Not only the names though, the proper syntax with parenthesis too! Check it out in the GIF below.

html to css example

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