Curated List Of The Best VS Code Extension Lists 2020

Updated for 2020

So I love lists of resources, especially for Visual Studio Code. I’ve recently started to use it so it’s quite interesting to see what extensions other developers consider as the best. For this reason, I have scoured the web to find all the VS Code extension lists I could get my hands on and listed them below.

    1. 50 Powerful Extensions by Stackify This whopping list comes with screenshots and even key points to why the extension is great.
    2. 17 VS Extensions A great list for the best add-ons from 2017, fresh from FreeCodeCamp.
    3. Top JavaScript Extensions for VSCodePredominantly developing in JavaScript? This one is perfect for you.
    4. Best Visual Studio Code Extensions Descriptive reasoning and GIF images for each extension, what more could you want?
    5. Font-End Developer Extensions Yes, a list purely for Front End Developers, it’s pretty awesome too.
    6. 10 Essential Add-ons A quick top 10 lists of VS Code Extensions to have an eye-ball at.
    7. Shopify’s Front-End VSCode Extensions A hand-picked list of 20 of the best add-ons for front end developers.
    8. 8 Powerful VSCode Extensions This list by Hongkiat even comes with a tutorial on how to install them! Enjoy this list of Front-End packages.
    9. 15 Essential Plugins for Visual Studio Code An excellent list of add-ons with videos for showcasing.
    10. Top 10 Angular VSCode Add-ons Angular developer? Then this one for you.
    11. VSCode Add-ons by Another extensive list of plug-ins to look at.
    12. Top 10 Extensions for 2018Some of the latest plugins available on this list.
    13. Python VSCode Extensions If you want to put your Python development on the turbo, check this list out.
    14. Top 10 Essential Plug-ins Another excellent list of extensions.
    15. 10 Recommended Plug-ins A recommended extension list purely for front end development.
    16. 16 Plugins for MERN Stack Development Working with the MERN Stack? Then this list is for you!
    17. 20 Plugins for programmers This in-depth list is aimed towards developers from across the spectrum!
    18. 20 Visual Studio Plugins for faster development If you love saving time with little shortcut keys and whatnot, check this list out!
    19. Front-end developer plugins for 2020 Another good list of ten helpful plugins for front end development
    20. 25+ Plugins for 2020 A table-styled list of plugins relevant to development in 2020


There’s a lot of extensions to take a look at here and I hope some of them are to your interest. The power of extensions for VSCode are invaluable for development. Enjoy the lists!


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