Best JavaScript YouTube Channels

In the current day of 2020, there are plenty of places to learn how to code online, one of which is, of course, YouTube. YouTube is full of excellent educational content for many topics, one of which is JavaScript. Check out this brilliant list of JavaScript YouTube channels to gain modern and insightful JavaScript knowledge.

1. TheNewBoston

TheNewBoston YouTube channel provides a huge array of topics when it comes to tutorials, tips, and tricks. One of these topics is the super-popular JavaScript language, not just vanilla JS either. The channel provides tutorials in abundances for the following sub-topics –

The YouTuber (Bucky Roberts) is super-easy to listen to and explains things in a really easy-to-understand way. The video screencasts are very high quality too which is an absolute must.

The channel currently has 2.74 million subscribers and is probably one of the most popular web development and programming channels on YouTube. The vast array of tutorials have (at the time of writing) been viewed over 400 million times.

2. Traversy Media

TraversyMedia is yet another major web development and programming YouTube channel that offers a wide selection of topics. Again, this channel doesn’t just have topics on JavaScript so if you want to learn other stuff too, this channel is perfect.

See the JavaScript topic playlists that are available on TraveryMedia below

The channel boasts over 1 million subs with over 100 million video views. In addition, the author (Brad) speaks clearly and concisely, the screencasts are of very high quality making it really easy to understand what is being taught. It’s pretty obvious the audience who watch these tutorials enjoy them as some of the videos are racking up over 100k likes.

3. The Net Ninja

Next on the list is the UK’s answer to epic programming and web development tutorials. The Net Ninja publishes a range of very insightful and easy to follow guided videos to help you learn quickly. The channel hosts a wide array of playlists spanning over many programming languages and subset frameworks. Here are some of the JavaScript centric ones.

The author (The Net Ninja) is very easy on the ear and I’m not just saying that because I’m British either! The stats speak for themselves, with over 500k subscribers and nearly 70 million video views by budding devs. This channel is certainly worth a place in your bookmarks.


Learn how to code with the Learn Code Academy YouTube channel, boasting over 700k subscribers the video-rich channel hosts educational JavaScript in abundance. These super-high-quality videos will super-charge your JavaScript knowledge and best of all, it’s all free of charge!

The channel hosts some great playlists such as –

Another channel that is really easy to listen too and follow along. Videos from this author have been viewed over 40 million times and have a great selection of topics even if you want to dip your toes into other languages.

5. Dev Ed

Dev Ed may not have thousands of playlists but it has some essential JavaScript educational ones that you can quickly learn some great knowledge from. Here are a couple of playlists to choose from –

The Dev Ed channel which has over 400k subscribers not only provides tutorials but crash courses and top-tip videos too. Check out the content on this channel which has had nearly 20 million video views since it started back in 2018!

6. Programming with Mosh

This epic channel teaches you how to become a software engineer/developer/programmer whatever you want to call it in some really great ways. The videos offer excellent animated visuals, coding screencasts, and general PowerPoint-style techniques. The animated visuals are seriously good and have had a lot of effort put into them!

Some of the playlists available are listed below

The author, Mosh is really easy to listen to and has over 1 million subscribers with an amazing 50+ million video views. The channel hosts other topics other than JavaScript too and if they’re anything like the JavaScript videos, they are worth keeping in mind.


This list of 6 channels may be small but are certainly of top quality and high popularity on the YouTube platform. This range of channels will give you a broad choice on excellent learning content to help you learn to code or even brush up on your current skillset. Happy learning!

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