Best Dashboard Examples for Inspiration in 2018

It’s one thing to build a dashboard with the many JavaScript libraries available around the web. But to make it look good is a whole new chapter, it’s not easy, especially if you don’t have a keen eye for design. This is why I’ve decided to write this article to demonstrate some of the greatest dashboard examples available for your viewing pleasure and inspiration.


Human Resources Dashboard by AnyChart

This mixture of Human Resources data brings an elegantly professional dashboard that is presentable to any managerial department.

hr dashboard example


Web Audience Dashboard by AnyChart

Next on the list is another great example using website-audience statistics, the live-example available by the link above can even customize by selecting a date range. Better yet, it has quick-date picker buttons like Yesterday, Week & Month. These little additions make dashboards so much more powerful and user-friendly. With a carefully selected array of colors, the dashboard quickly makes a great impact visually.

It also uses a map chart with great meaning, all of the website visitors from countries around the world, being heated by color for the most popular. This is sometimes hard to do within dashboards, but in this case, it has been done very well.

website statistics dashboard example


Single Page Admin by BLOCKS

You really cannot beat a darkly themed dashboard design, they are by far my favorite. I don’t know what it is, but I always prefer the dark theme, it may be just because I’m a developer and can’t handle coding without a dark themed IDE, hmmm. This example doesn’t give the dashboard true justice either, use the link above to see the example, as some of the graphs are updating in real-time.

admin dark theme dashboard


Social Media Overview – Klipfolio

Another prime example of dark-themed dashboard created with Klipfolio’s powerful online-data-visualization software. Taking social-metrics and presenting them into an eye-catching and meaningful dashboard. This example is carefully colored in a way that it doesn’t make your eye’s cringe whilst important information stands out. Also, notice the improvement indicators when compared to previous data in green and red, which is a small but perfect addition to any dashboard.

social media dashboard example klipfolio


Manufacturing Dashboard – SimpleKPI

Coming in at number 5 is a manufacturing industry styled dashboard with a bright mix of colors flooded across visualizations. The board is built on top of a light-blue-grey background so that the white widgets pop-out and present a clear divide to one-another.

manufacturing dashboard example


FusionSmart Energy Dashboard – FusionCharts

It won’t be too long and every household will be able to hit a button on their TV remote and be presented with historical and real-time energy-usage. Imagine the following example on-demand in your house, it would be pretty cool. This dashboard demo by FusionCharts uses ever-so-subtle gradients within some of the visualizations and frankly, do this exquisitely well. It brings data-visualization design into the year of 2018.

Additionally, this example uses a thin-style half-gauge which always put the cherry on the cake. To be fair, I think big-energy companies could take a leaf from FusionCharts book when it comes to designing their own custom dashboards!

energy dashboard example


Nasdaq Index Dashboard – DC.js

This Nasdaq index dashboard example shows that you don’t always have to have the stereotypical design to make the board look good. If you get a chance, check the live example out because you can click on different data points to trigger the full dashboard to update with new data.


nasdaq index dashboard


Terminal Dashboard – Blessed-contrib (GitHub)

For the terminal lovers out there here’s a ridiculously good terminal dashboard available from GitHub. The creators use server-statistics data to build an elegant terminal visualization, who’d of thought a terminal dashboard could look this good? Be sure to check this repository on GitHub out!

terminal dashboard example


Sales Conversion Dashboard – Datapine

Another utilization of subtle-gradients within this sales conversion dashboard goes very well down the left-hand side. It’s somewhat quite plain when compared to others but plots out information that is very easy on the eye. Datapine also has a huge showcase of real-time dashboards that you can have a look & play with yourself.

sales conversion dashboard


Admindek – Colorlib List

Admindek is a front-end admin dashboard with a nice selection of informational widgets. From notifications, data visualizations, data-tables, and to-do lists, all put together in a highly slick format. Notably, the middle of the board is a span of customized single-horizontal bar charts that are simply beautiful. Colorlib published an incredible article listing 34 free bootstrap admin dashboards that are well worth checking out.
admin dashboard example



It’s quickly worth noting that all examples in this article may not be free-to-use charting libraries but are simply an indication for inspiration. Hopefully, these examples will trigger some ideas in your mind on how to design your own beautiful dashboards. Be sure to go to the links provided for live-versions of the example boards shown in this article. Have fun.

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