44 Best Accounts For Developers To Follow On Twitter in 2018/2019

Twitter is the number one social network to use for developers without a shadow of a doubt. This list of developers to follow has been carefully hand-picked to provide you with a massive variety of tips, knowledge, resources and general like-minded banter.

  1. @DanEnglishby – It may seem bias that I’ve listed myself but I genuinely think my Twitter account is extremely helpful to both expert and beginner developers alike. You will see curated content from the Code Wall blog and many other blogs around the world tweeted from this account. Enough of my cheeky mention anyways, let’s move onto some really good twitter accounts to follow.
  2. @palashv2 – Palash Mondal is a front-end dev who tweets some really motivational quotes that relate to development. Additionally, he’s got a really good sense of humor too, posting some wise-cracking gifs that are a great laugh but so true!
  3. @js_tut – Known also as the JavaScript Teacher on Twitter has actually just released an amazing book about CSS. It’s called CSS Visual Dictionary and it’s pretty amazing the effort that has been put into simplifying CSS with excellent visuals. @js_tut is also a keen React developer too and tweets some pretty great content about it, he’s well worth a follow.
  4. @FullstackDevJS – FullStackDevJS posts a range of tutorials in front-end and back-end technologies. Also, this account feeds great online-courses that are great for any developer who loves to learn.
  5. @howToCodeWell – Python, Docker, PHP are some of the technologies this Twitter account provides great content for. Peter Fisher who runs the account creates YouTube talk videos on these topics too.
  6. @codingCommander – Another tutorial content creator who again creates some pretty great NodeJS, PHP & SQL nature videos on her YouTube channel! Follow this account for inspirational and meaningful tweets and great learning resources.
  7. @_100daysofCode – Ok, so this account isn’t exactly a human, it’s actually a robot. But, this is the official #100DaysOfCode account and is definitely worth a follow if you’re a fan of the challenge. This account is purposely made to help and motivate beginner developers to annihilate the #100DaysOfCode Challenge.
  8. @ProgrammersMeme – I’ve now lost count of how many times that I have nearly spat my coffee out looking at the memes posted by this account. They’re a stroke of genius, and everyone loves a meme to cheer up their day!
  9. @gethackteam – This account which is run by Roy Derks predominantly posts excellent content about the JavaScript full-stack cycle. Fan of React Native or ReactJS? Then grab yourself a follow.
  10. @hackernoon – The official HackerNoon Twitter account. Follow this great account for frequent notifications advising about articles that have been published on the HackerNoon website.
  11. @ThePracticalDev – Another official account, this time, being the primary account for the dev.to community. This Twitter feed post links to great articles on their community.
  12. @JavaScriptDaily – The 321K following of this account speaks its own worthiness of a follow. You will see t for tips, events and everything else JavaScript on a daily basis from this great profile.
  13. @CodeNewbies – Learning to code? Then join this little community on Twitter. Get involved with the weekly chat for all keen learners to have a good natter.
  14. @naveenc860 – A Microsoft Developer who predominantly curates content on .NET, C#, SQL and much more.
  15. @CSharpCorner – You may have heard of the C# Corner website before, well this is their official account. You will see many helpful articles posted from this feed that directs you to published resources on their website and there are plenty of them.
  16. @DevHighlights – Another excellent content curator for information-hungry developers. This account caters to all developer technology tastes with regards to favorite back-end and front-end languages.
  17. @WesBos – Creator of the highly-popular JavaScript 30 course that is freely available to anyone. Wes is a great content creator in a range of technologies and is certainly worth a follow. You will see some epic tips and tricks and the latest content that he publishes along with some like-minded tweets in-between.
  18. @lemonade_coding – A WordPress themed account with lots of tips, tricks and curated content to suck up.
  19. @dev_dashboard – A persistent feed of very useful tips and tricks in a variety of technologies. Tutorials & snippet aplenty.
  20. @scotch_io – Another really great developer resource that you’ve probably heard of before; Scotch.io. This great content creator publishes a huge range of tutorial and tips in nearly every language or technology you can think of.
  21. @fullstackpython – Follow full stack Python for, wait for it, you guessed it, great Python resources.
  22. @techjunkiejh – Expect the full-whopper from this great feed, HTML, CSS, SQL, .NET, Java and many more. Snippets, tutorials, and tips are consistently published for your viewing pleasure.
  23. @dan_abramov – Dan is somewhat a celebrity in the development industry, being the co-author of Redux, the much-used technology that is heavily used with the ReactJS framework. Check this profile out for some brilliant dev tweets.
  24. @RHJOfficial – Realist Javstah posts frequent web dev and design content throughout the day. In addition, you will see retweets of popular informative content too. Lastly, RJHOfficial is a writer on the Medium blog publishing site.

This list of accounts is by far the best I have come across after using the social network for the last 2 months. I do plan to update this list as time goes by to ultimately create the best account list to benefit both expert and beginner developers. If you can think of some great people who aren’t listed here, feel free to drop them in the comments below or tweet me on Twitter (@DanEnglishby).

After asking Twitter what developers people like to follow, I have tweeted the following accounts, and after checking them out, they are extremely popular. So, here is another bonus of 21 accounts.

  1. @TheLarkInn
  2. @Atinux
  3. @domyen
  4. @housecor
  5. @ryanflorence
  6. @CompuIves
  7. @_developit
  8. @midudev
  9. @flaviocopes
  10. @_egoistlily
  11. @Una
  12. @sindresorhus
  13. @kentcdodds
  14. @coderitual
  15. @brian_d_vaughn
  16. @YazanAabed
  17. @_philpl
  18. @FiliJS
  19. @NikkitaFTW
  20. @LeonidasEsteban
  21. @sergiodxa


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  1. Thanks for the list. I’ve noticed only 4 developers who have identified as female on your list. Do you have a more comprehensive list that includes more female developers? I’m starting out in this business and I’ve found looking up to female role models to be more encouraging and motivating. Thanks!

    1. Hi Belma, I don’t at present but it’s certainly a good point. I will look to publish something in the future for this purpose!

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